Serequine is specialized in equine reproduction services:

  • semen collection training for stallions
  • semen collection & storage
  • mare fertilization with cooled or frozen semen
  • embryo transfert
  • birth assistance
  • neonatology
  • foal imprinting


luca vescovi gunner

Medical Division

medical division

Early booking available!

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The following stallions will be available with a early booking fee, if pay before 31th  december 2015! Contact us for any other info about them!

Chic'n roost, early booking 1000 eur

Hd Cat and Tr dual rey early booking 2000 doll

Hollywood gun dunit early booking 1000 eur

Magnum chic dream, 4000 doll if bred more than 1 mare

Not ruf a all 2000 doll early booking

Whiz ruf peppy 900 eur early booking

2015 Season preparation

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Did your brooodmare show fertility problems during the 2014 season?
Serequine veterinary staff suggests you a very convenient solution starting from September.
Prepare your broodmare with adequate terapies to ensure good results in the 2015 season.
These are some of the services Serequine :

  • uterine biopsy
  • culture
  • curettage
  • adequate antibiotic therapies
  • light program

Arcese's Stallions on Serequine

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A special thanks to all Arcese family for give us their stallion to sell! From now you can find on our websyte Walla Walla Whiz and Gunnatrshya! please contact us!

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